Welcome to our website and thanks for taking the time to learn more about how SATAC Inc, can provide you with consultations regarding Swearingen/Fairchild Merlin and Metro Aircraft.  SATAC Inc. is proud to provide world-wide service and support for these aircraft and has over 38 years experience.  We are located in San Antonio area where these aircraft were manufactured.  Operators in many different parts of the world are several hours ahead or behind the time zone in San Antonio.  Allow us to be your liaison so we can act as your agent and manage your interest during the hours that M-7 Aerospace is open.  This assistance will reduce the time needed to resolve spars problems or in obtaining technical or engineering support. 

SATAC purchased surplus inventory from several Fairchild operators and have salvaged out 2 airframes in recent years. This has given us a good inventory of SA226 & SA227 parts.

Have questions about what a Merlin/Metro can be operated or used as?  Looking to purchase or lease a Merlin/Metro, need spare parts, or just want to find out some things about the aircraft?  Give us a call and we will be happy to speak Swearingen or Fairchild with you.


San Antonio Aerospace Consortium